Opening Hunt/Blessing of Hounds

​This marks the beginning of our Riding to Hounds season. The day begins with the Stirrup Cup at 9:15 a.m.. Please be mounted for the "Blessing of Hounds" at 9:45 a.m., by 10 a.m. we're off. A catered breakfast to follow. Members if you have items to be dropped off for the punchbowl, please drive to main house upon arrival. Volunteers will be there to help unload. Be safe everyone. Tally Ho!

2nd Saturday in November

Christmas Party

​Our annual Christmas Party and dinner at a member's home 6:30 p.m. Seasonal attire. Winter fundraiser. More information to come.

1st Saturday in December

"Roading Hounds" and walking hounds

​"Roading Hounds" is a term we use to describe exercising hounds mounted on horseback through the countryside. Starts from KingsWay Farm and is a solid trot around for 45 minutes. "Roading" is highly recommended to expose your horse to lots of hounds running around and to ride in a group. We generally ride once a week on Saturday.  Hound walks twice a week beginning at 7:30 Tuesday and Thursday at KingsWay Farm. Come join us. We do this outside of regular season.

All Year

Annual Awards and Kentucky Derby Party

​After the end of our SFWHH season we take the opportunity to acknowledge those who have done outstanding work for the club on Kentucky Derby day. Perpetual trophies passed on, "Colors" and "Buttons" awarded and special thanks given by the Master of Foxhounds. Having it on Kentucky Derby Day just gives us an excuse to wear lovely hats and chance to place wagers on a good horse race.  Place and time TBD.

First Saturday in May

Puppy Cotillion

​Naming a puppy is a big deal. It is customary for fox hunting clubs to auction to the highest bidder the right to name a puppy. Hosted by a member at their home. This is our summer fundraiser. 

Date TBD

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