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Talena Joy Campbell

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Talena is an amazing rider. From Western to English, she can do it all. Horses have always been a part of Talena’s life. Her father was a team roper and bull rider. While, her mother was a barrel racer. In 2019 she would join the Santa Fe Hunt as a Professional Whip and Kennelmen. She currently takes care of our 24 hounds. Talena also runs her own business as a trainer, at Top Gun Horsemanship, where she teaches children basic riding and Western equitation. She wishes to build a nonprofit that involves horses and veteran therapy in the near future. The Santa Fe Hunt has provided her with many experiences.

Talena’s favorite part about hunting is the speed and thrill. Galloping in an open field is exhilarating to her. Running through the brush is also challenging and fun. Predicting where the hounds will go is always exciting for her as well. Talena would like everyone to know that no matter their personal skill level, horse’s ability, or discipline that there is a place for them at the Santa Fe Hunt and at any hunt. She notes that “Hunting is a very unique sport and atmosphere. It is unlike any other equine discipline. No matter how many other equine sports you have done-none will be like fox hunting.” Let’s give a Tallyho to Talena. We cannot wait to see where the rest of her equine journey takes her.

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