We are a diverse group of riders, brought together by love of horses, open spaces, country values and riding with a fine pack of foxhounds as they work a scent. We welcome riders of all levels who share these passions.

Celebrating over 50 years!

Established 1969, 
MFHA Registered 1973,
MFHA Recognized 1987

Dark Wood Panels

2020/21 SFH Season Calendar

April 10, 2021: Closing Hunt.

April 17, 2021: First wildflower ride at Costo Ranch.

April 29, 2021:  Full Moon Ride at Garner Ranch.

May 1, 2021: Kentucky Derby Party location at Kim & Marian's Temecula Home

May 8, 2021: General Meeting-More info to come.

May 29, 2021: Full Moon Ride at Garner Ranch.

June 5, 2021: Caspers Park-camping is optional. More info to come.

September 16-21, 2021: Bryce Canyon Joint Meet.

Go to www.sfhfundraising.com for auction items.

Questions please call/text Honorary Secretary, Clare Williams at 760-492-4198

Mountain Center
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