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This section is for all current professional and honorary whips. If you are interested in becoming a whip please fill out our contact form or contact Terry directly.

What are the responsibilities of a Whipper-In?

A whipper-in is there to assist the huntsman while hunting. They help keep hounds within the safe boundaries that we are allowed to hunt as well as insure the hounds are working as a pack. A whipper-in may help direct hounds on occasion if they stray away from the others or the huntsman needs the pack to stop or change direction.

A whipper-in also serves as a scout for the huntsman to look for potential problems we could run into (cars, walking dogs, etc.) and for our quarry.

What skills are required to become a whip?

  • The ability and willingness to safely gallop across the country having basic understanding of how to ride hills, navigate creeks, etc.
  • The ability to dismount and mount efficiently
  • The ability to open and close gates from horseback
  • The ability and willingness to jump 2ft-3ft coops 
  • An eager to learn attitude!

What if I want to become a whip, but I'm afraid I don't have the skills?

​We are all for training anyone who is interested in becoming a whip. We have trainers available for lessons and are currently starting a whipper-in program!
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